The Turnips 

Produced/Mixed/Mastered by Jeremiah Pilbeam 
​Rothbury Records​
​Copyright © 2012 The Turnips

1. Good Love (Artibee)

2. Wear a Crown (Artibee,Berry)

3. Love is Just a Song I Sing (Artibee)

4. Waiting for a Long Time (Artibee)

5. Before It unfolds (Artibee, Kirby) 

6.Find My Voice (Artibee) 

7. Joy to the Wicked (Artibee)

8. Mornings Without You (Kirby, S. Kirby) 

9. Winter Blues (Artibee)

10. Shadowsphere (Kirby)

Stop Watch Time Drop

The Turnips

Produced by Seth Bernard and Joe Hettinga 
Recorded at Third Coast Records

Copyright © 2017 The Turnips

1. Bon Jon Brovi (Kirby, Artibee, Wilson)​

2. In Time (Kirby, S. Kirby)

3. I Would Tell You (Artibee)

4. One Eye Shut (Kirby, Houghton)

5. The Screen Between (Kirby, Artibee, Wilson)

6. Rags to Riches (Kirby, S. Kirby)

7. Favorite High (Artibee) 

8. Troublin' Kind (Kirby)

9. StopWatchTimeDrop (Kirby, Artibee, Wilson, Bernard) 

10. The Fix (Kirby)

The Turnips

From folk ballads, to alt-rock, Americana-driven tunes and blues-rock burners, The Turnips leave no stone left unturned. This album is a genre-jumping journey across a rich musical landscape as thick as the White Pine forests of Western Michigan. There is instrumental prowess, lyrical inventiveness, and extreme attention to detail. It’s explorative yet tasteful, unique yet highly accessible, and nothing short of a powerful debut album from a band with enough potential to blow the roof clear off the entire Midwest music scene.” -SoundFuse Magazine


​The Turnips

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  • The Fix6:07
  • Bon Jon Brovi4:50
  • Good Love2:12
  • Before It Unfolds4:15
  • Waiting For A Long Time3:41
  • Love is Just a Song I Sing2:51
  • Winter Blues Night 24:35
  • Wear A Crown2:47